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Question 1: Recently, crime has also become a prominent issue in ________, Australian, South African, French, and New Zealand politics.
United KingdomBarbadosUnited StatesCanada

Question 2: Opponents of these and similar laws have often accused advocates of ________.
Racial segregationRacismSouth Africa under apartheidEthnic cleansing

Question 3: This period included the fatal shootings of Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell, and the ________ incident.
Al SharptonBrooklynAbner LouimaRudy Giuliani

Question 4: In response to sharply rising rates of crime in the 1960s, treatment of criminal offenders, both accused and convicted, became a highly divisive topic in the ________.
United States presidential election, 1996United States presidential election, 1968Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 1968United States presidential election, 1980

Question 5: Supporters of "law and order" argue that effective deterrence combined with ________ is the most effective means of crime prevention.
PrisonDenmarkIncarcerationUnited States incarceration rate

Question 6: "Law and order" is a recurring theme in ________ around the world.
Negative campaigningOpposition researchPolitical campaignIndependent expenditure

Question 7: These penalties may include longer terms of imprisonment, mandatory sentencing, and in some countries, ________.
Capital punishmentStoningTortureReligion and capital punishment

Question 8: Critics of law-and-order politics commonly point to actual and potential abuses of judicial and police powers, including ________ and misconduct, racial profiling, and prison overcrowding.
BullyingPrisoner abusePolice brutalityIntimidation

Question 9: In politics, law and order refers to a political platform which supports a strict ________ system, especially in relation to violent and property crime, through harsher criminal penalties.
Retributive justiceRestorative justicePoliceCriminal justice


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