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Question 1: One important trend has been the application of ________ to legal problems.
Prisoner's dilemmaEvolutionarily stable strategyNash equilibriumGame theory

Question 2: Because of the overlap between legal systems and political systems, some of the issues in law and economics are also raised in ________ and political science.
Political economyInternational relationsPolitical philosophyIdeology

Question 3: Law and Economics, or economic analysis of law, is an approach to legal theory that applies methods of ________ to law.
EconomicsHeterodox economicsKeynesian economicsMoney

Question 4: Critics of the law and economics movements have argued that normative economic analysis does not capture the importance of ________ and concerns for distributive justice.
Human rightsCultureTortureReproductive rights

Question 5: As used by ________ and legal scholars, the phrase "law and economics" refers to the application of the methods of economics to legal problems.
Legal educationLawyerCommon lawSharia

Question 6: So, for example, a positive economic analysis of tort law would predict the effects of a strict liability rule as opposed to the effects of a ________ rule.
Product liabilityFraudNegligenceReasonable person

Question 7: Switzerland's ________ has a Law and Economics Program on both the undergraduate (Bachelor of Arts in Law and Economics) and graduate levels (Master of Arts in Law and Economics).
London School of EconomicsESADEUniversity of St. GallenBocconi University

Question 8: Other developments have been the incorporation of ________ into economic analysis of law, and the increasing use of statistical and econometrics techniques.
Behavioral economicsLaw and economicsExperimental economicsHeterodox economics

Question 9: Some of the heaviest criticisms of the "classical" law and economics come from the ________ movement, in particular Duncan Kennedy[1] and Mark Kelman.
International legal theoryCommon lawCritical legal studiesLegal realism

Question 10: Approaches to the same issues from Marxist and critical theory/________ perspectives usually do not identify themselves as "law and economics".
DialecticFrankfurt SchoolKarl MarxLouis Althusser


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