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Question 1: ________/social work 151.2
SociologySocial structureTalcott ParsonsSystems theory

Question 2: [1] Administered four times a year, it is a required exam for all ABA-approved ________.
Legal educationBachelor's degreeJuris DoctorLaw school

Question 3: ________ economist Michael Nieswiadomy has conducted several studies (in 1998, 2006, and 2008) derived from LSAC data.
University of HoustonTexas A&M UniversityUniversity of North TexasFlorida State University

Question 4: There is a controversy over the ________ between LSAT score and first year law school grades.
Pearson product-moment correlation coefficientCorrelation and dependenceVarianceNormal distribution

Question 5: ________ grade points can vary significantly due to choices in course load as well as grade inflation which may be pervasive at one applicant's undergraduate institution, but almost absent at that of another.
Undergraduate educationBachelor's degreeDoctorateAcademic degree

Question 6: LSAT is a ________ in that LSAC adjusts raw scores to fit an expected norm to overcome the likelihood that some administrations may be more difficult than others.
Standards-based assessmentActive learningStandardized testGrade (education)

Question 7: Comparative reading has a parallel on the ________, which contains a set of paired passages in its critical reading sections, and on the ACT, which does the same in its science section.
ACT (test)SATSAT Subject TestsMathematics

Question 8: How the law schools report the LSAT scores of their matriculants to the ________ (ABA) has changed over the years.
Continuing legal educationAmerican Bar AssociationJuris DoctorLegal clinic

Question 9: Adjusted scores resemble a bell curve, tapering off at the extremes and congregating near the ________.
MedianProbability distributionVarianceNormal distribution

Question 10: The writing sample is essentially an extemporaneous ________, hand-written in pencil at the conclusion of a four-hour examination.


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