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Lavabo: Quiz


Question 1: In many early and medieveal ________, there would be a large lavabo (lavatorio)where the brethren would wash their hands before entering church.
MonkChristian monasticismMonasticismMonastery

Question 2: In the Eastern Orthodox and ________ Churches, the priest says the last six verses from Psalm 25:
Catholic ChurchRoman Catholic theologyLatin RiteEastern Catholic Churches

Question 3: This takes place during the reading of the Little Hours after he has been solemly vested by two ________.
Stole (vestment)SurpliceSubdeaconRoman Catholic theology

Question 4: in the Apostolic Constitutions, VIII, 11, the hands of the celebrants are washed just before the dismissal of the ________.
CatechumenCatholic ChurchChristianityBaptism

Question 5: This practice was first legislated in the ________ in the 6th century, but has earlier antecedents.
Christian monasticismBenedict of NursiaRule of Saint BenedictOrder of Saint Benedict

Question 6: [2] In the ________ the offerings were prepared before Mass began, as in the Eastern Liturgy of Preparation, so there was no Offertory nor place for a Lavabo before the Eucharistic Prayer.
Gallican RitePsalmsMatinsAmbrosian Rite

Question 7: In the ________, the Roman Rite actually had two washing of hands, one before and one after the Offertory.
High Middle AgesLate Middle AgesMiddle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 8: Just before the ________ the same ceremony takes place as during the Little Hours, except now it takes place in front of the Holy Doors of the iconostasis.
Orthodox ChurchDivine LiturgyAltarEntrance (liturgical)

Question 9: After vesting, he goes to the thalassidion (piscina) as washes his hands before approaching the Prothesis (altar of preparation), where he will prepare the bread and wine for the ________.
Orthodox ChurchEastern Catholic ChurchesDivine LiturgyJohn Chrysostom

Question 10: Meanwhile, the Protodeacon is swinging the ________ and chanting the verses from Psalm 25.
CenserThuribleOrthodox ChurchGospel (liturgy)

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