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Lava Beds National Monument: Quiz


Question 1: During the Modoc War of 1872-1873, the ________ Indians used these tortuous lava flows to their advantage.
OregonModocModoc County, CaliforniaKlamath

Question 2: It was designated by the ________ on October 13, 1972 with passage of Public Law 92-493.
United States Congress110th United States CongressUnited States Senate111th United States Congress

Question 3: Despite harsh, ________ conditions, native wildlife has adapted to the environmental constraints present in the region.
Köppen climate classificationSemi-arid climateUnited StatesOceanic climate

Question 4: Cave mouths & interior passages: Violet-green Swallow, Brazilian Free-tailed Bat, Townsends Big-eared Bat, Pacific tree frog, Pika, ________
American Black BearBushy-tailed WoodratCoyoteBobcat

Question 5: There are no terrestrial ________ resources in Lava Beds National Monument.
WaterWater resourcesEarthOxygen

Question 6: These species are well outside of their normal range 90–125 miles (140–200 km) away on the northern ________ coastline.
Sacramento, CaliforniaLos AngelesCaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 7: Pine forest: Mountain Lion, ________ (winter resident), Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
White-tailed EagleRed-tailed HawkGolden EagleBald Eagle

Question 8: The ________, probably a small portion of the monument, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 21, 1991.
Lava Beds National MonumentDeath Valley National ParkLassen Volcanic National ParkYosemite National Park

Question 9: The most common species found in the monument is the ________ (Pseudacris regilla).
Rough-skinned newtPacific Tree FrogChorus frogHylidae

Question 10: Ponderosa-juniper-brushlands: Pronghorn Antelope, ________, Scrub Jay, Jackrabbit, Mountain Bluebird,
BobcatCoyoteGray WolfCougar


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