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Laurel wreath: Quiz


Question 1: In Greek mythology, ________ is represented wearing a laurel wreath on his head.

Question 2: The word "Laureate" in '________' refers to being signified by the laurel wreath.
EnglandPoet LaureateRobert FrostJoseph Brodsky

Question 3: A laurel wreath is a circular wreath made of interlocking branches and leaves of the bay laurel (Laurus nobilis, ________), an aromatic broadleaf evergreen.

Question 4: The medieval Florentine poet and philosopher ________, a graduate of the Sicilian School, is often represented in paintings and sculpture wearing a laurel wreath.
Dante AlighieriCatholic ChurchPeter AbelardPope John Paul II

Question 5: The wreath is given to young masters in the ________ of the university.
CollegeAcademic degreeGraduationAcademic dress

Question 6: Whereas ancient laurel wreaths are most often depicted as a ________ shape, modern versions are usually complete rings.
Horse careThoroughbredEquine nutritionHorseshoe


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