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Laura Schlessinger: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following awards has Laura Schlessinger won?
Religious Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee, 1996
Robin Roberts/WBCA Broadcasting Scholarship
Marconi Award, Genii, National Heritage, National Religious Broadcasters
Designated under the Ontario Heritage Act

Question 2:
What years was Laura Schlessinger active?
15 years in national syndication
20+ years
Every year
12 years

Question 3:
What is Laura Schlessinger also known as?
McCauley, Rosa Louise
Schlessinger, Laura Catherine
Grills, Leo
Ethelbald; Aethelbald

Question 4: She was the commencement speaker at ________ in June 2002 and was awarded an honorary degree as a doctor of tradition and culture.
Grand Valley State UniversityHillsdale CollegeNorthwood UniversitySaginaw Valley State University

Question 5:
What is Laura Schlessinger known for?
Study of chimpanzees, conservation
Socially conservative commentary
Darts commentary
Trigemino-cardiac reflex, oxygen-conserving reflex

Question 6:
Who of the following is a parent of Laura Schlessinger?
Paul Robinson
Kim Campbell
James Cecil Holloway and the former Ever Christina Barker

Question 7:
What religion does Laura Schlessinger adhere to?
United Submitters International
Anglican, Puritan

Question 8:
Which is currently the premier party of Laura Schlessinger?
National Republican and Whig
and Nationalist Republican Party.
Republican candidate for United States House of Representatives in 1964

Question 9:
What college did Laura Schlessinger attend?
New York University
Universidad Autu00F3noma de Guadalajara,
Stony Brook University,
Saint Petersburg Military Academy

Question 10: In October 2000, Schlessinger paid for a full-page ad in the "Gay Hollywood" issue of Variety as a ________ apology for previous negative remarks.
Jewish servicesShabbatJewish holidayYom Kippur

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