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Latvian War of Independence: Quiz


Question 1: 16 April 1919: In March the united German and Latvian forces (orange and yellow) launches counter attack, taking most of ________
CourlandLivonian peopleBaltic SeaEstonia

Question 2: 5 October: The German mission secretly leaves Riga for ________, where an attack is prepared by the Baltic German-established West Russian Volunteer Army on Riga.

Question 3: 28 November: The Regency Council of the ________ dissolved.
United Baltic DuchyLatviaLatvian Socialist Soviet RepublicLivonian people

Question 4: ________
British Campaign in the Baltic 1918–1919Russian Civil WarEstoniaBaltic Fleet

Question 5: 3 November: The Latvian Army supported by the Estonian Army and the ________ launches its counter attack.
HMS Illustrious (R06)Royal NavyHMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Ocean (L12)

Question 6: The provisional government retreats from ________ to Liepāja.

Question 7: Certain episodes of the Latvian Independence War are therefore also considered by Polish historians to be a part of the ________ (particularly the Battle of Daugavpils).
November UprisingPolish–Soviet WarKiev Offensive (1920)Bar Confederation

Question 8: 11 November: The German Empire and ________ sign the armistice, which marks the end of World War I; Soviet Russia launches attack on German forces.
European theatre of World War ITreaty of VersaillesWorld War I casualtiesAllies of World War I

Question 9: 22 November: The Lithuanian Army defeats the remnants of West Russian Volunteer Army in ________ near Radviliškis.

Question 10: 18 November: Republic of Latvia is proclaimed in ________.


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