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Question 1: The corresponding unary operation over L, called complementation, introduces an analogue of logical ________ into lattice theory.
Logical connectiveNegationExclusive orTruth table

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Lattice (order) have?
Down In the Mission
Bigger Picture

Question 3: Lattices can also be characterized as ________ satisfying certain axiomatic identities.
Vector spaceGroup (mathematics)Ring (mathematics)Algebraic structure

Question 4: ________ are an example of distributive lattices having at least some members lacking complements.
Intuitionistic logicEquivalence relationHeyting algebraLattice (order)

Question 5: The appropriate notion of a ________ between two lattices flows easily from the above algebraic definition.
Group (mathematics)MorphismHomomorphismCategory theory

Question 6: The ordering can be recovered from the algebraic structure because a ≤ b holds ________ a = ab.
Propositional calculusIf and only ifLogical connectiveFirst-order logic

Question 7: For any set A, the collection of all subsets of A (called the ________ of A) can be ordered via subset inclusion to obtain a lattice bounded by A itself and the null set.
Set (mathematics)Set theoryPower setCardinality

Question 8: The algebraic interpretation of lattices plays an essential role in ________.
Finitary relationModel theoryAlgebraic structureUniversal algebra

Question 9: ________ include lattices, which in turn include Heyting and Boolean algebras.
SemilatticeAlgebraic structureLattice (order)Complete lattice

Question 10: That article also discusses how one may rephrase the above definition in terms of the existence of suitable ________ between related posets – an approach of special interest for the category theoretic approach to lattices.
Galois connectionAdjoint functorsLattice (order)Order theory


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