Latte: Quiz

Question 1: In ________, the spelling is café (with the accent aigu over the e).
ItalyFranceUnited KingdomCanada

Question 2: [9] The drink is similar to a ________, the difference being that a cappuccino consists of espresso and steamed milk with a 2 cm (¾ inch) layer of thick milk foam.
CappuccinoCafé au laitCoffeehouseCoffee

Question 3: A latte (from the Italian caffelatte, meaning "coffee [and] milk") is a type of coffee drink made with hot ________.

Question 4: Other drinks commonly found in shops serving caffè lattes are ________ and espressos.
CoffeehouseCafé au laitCappuccinoCoffee

Question 5: In Italian latte (Italian pronunciation: [ˈlätːte], English: /ˈlɑːteɪ/) means ________.

Question 6: Caffe Mediterraneum, a landmark cafè in ________, claims to be the birthplace of the caffè latte, crediting its birth to one of the café's owners, Lino Meiorin in the late 1950's.
Fremont, CaliforniaBerkeley, CaliforniaOakland, CaliforniaHayward, California

Question 7: Variants include replacing the coffee with another drink base such as ________, mate or matcha.
Tea cultureTeaTea blending and additivesMasala chai

Question 8: In ________, the spelling is caffè (with the accent grave over the e).

Question 9: According to a sign that is proudly displayed in the café, Lino was the first Italian-trained barista in the ________, and his Italian-style cappuccinos were apparently too strong for the customers.
San Jose, CaliforniaAlameda County, CaliforniaSan Francisco Bay AreaOakland, California

Question 10: A caffè latte may also be served consisting of strong or bold coffee (sometimes ________) mixed with scalded milk in approximately a 1:1 ratio.
LungoBaristaEspressoCoffee preparation

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