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Question 1: ________ - Latium - 1669 - Amsterdam 1671
Gottfried LeibnizAthanasius KircherRomeVoynich manuscript

Question 2: However, they were unable to assert political hegemony over the region, which was controlled by small, autonomous city-states in a manner roughly analogous to the state of affairs that prevailed in ________.
Ancient GreeceClassical antiquityRoman GreeceAlexander the Great

Question 3: The selection of Jupiter as a state god and the descent of the name Latini to the name of the ________ language are suffucient to identify the Latins as a tribe of Indo-European descent.
Old LatinVulgar LatinLatinRoman Empire

Question 4: The ________ turned it into a radio station, which was captured after an infantry battle by American troops in 1944, and it currently is a controversial telecommunications station surrounded by antennae considered unsightly by the population within view.
WehrmachtAlbert KesselringAdolf HitlerEastern Front (World War II)

Question 5: The region that would become Latium had been home to settled agricultural populations since the early Bronze Age, and was known to the ________.
Classical antiquityRoman GreeceAlexander the GreatAncient Greece

Question 6: [1] The right bank of the Tiber was occupied by the Etruscan city of ________, and the other borders were occupied by Italic tribes.
Etruscan languageEtruscan civilizationFidenaeVeii

Question 7: Latium has played an important role in history owing to its status as the host of the capital city of Rome, at one time the cultural and political center of the ________.
Western Roman EmpireRoman EmpireRoman RepublicByzantine Empire

Question 8: One of the earliest recorded non-Etruscan settlements in Latium is the quasi-mythical city of ________ located somewhat southeast of the present-day city of Rome.
Albano LazialeAlba LongaRoman-Etruscan WarsAncient Rome

Question 9: It was located on the left bank of the Tiber river, northward to the Anio river (a left-bank tributary of the Tiber) and southeastward to the Pomptina Palus (________, now the Pontine Fields), an uninhabitable, malarial swamp, as far south as the Circeian promontory.
Lago di FondiPontine MarshesLazioAurunci Mountains

Question 10: The ancient language of the Latini, the tribesmen who occupied Latium, was to become the immediate predecessor of the Old Latin language, ancestor of ________ and the Romance languages.
LatinVulgar LatinAncient RomeRoman Empire

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