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Question 1: Some authorities of ________ maintain a distinction between the terms "Hispanic" and "Latino":
United StatesEnglish languageAmerican EnglishAlaska

Question 2: He has stated that, in spite of his love of his native ________, he dislikes to be labeled as a 'Latino actor' preferring instead to be addressed as an actor without a tag attached to him.

Question 3: There are many so called Latino people who are, for example, of ________ ancestry.

Question 4: Popular personalities like ________ have also expressed concern.
Francis Ford CoppolaAcademy Award for Best Supporting ActorAndy GarcíaRichard Gere

Question 5: ________
Race and ethnicity in the United States CensusHispanic and Latino AmericansMexican AmericanWhite American

Question 6: The term Latino has a connotation towards a single European origin group that is Latino from the ________, which does not represent all people from Latin America.
Old LatinVulgar LatinRoman EmpireLatin

Question 7: ________, "Encyclopedia on Hispanic American Religious Culture," Volume 1 & 2, ABC-CLIO Publishers, 2009.
Focus on the FamilyAmerican UniversityMiguel A. De La TorreJames Dobson

Question 8: The term Latino (feminine Latina) in the ________, such as Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, literally translates as "Latin".
Romanian languageFrench languageFranco-Provençal languageRomance languages

Question 9: People from Latin America represent many religious groups and not just Catholics or ________, as well as many racial groups and mixtures.
JesusChristianityCatholic ChurchChristian

Question 10: The demonyms Latino and Latina (feminine), are defined in ________ dictionaries as:
English languageSouth AfricaCanadaAmerican English

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