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Question 1: To write Latin, the Romans used the Latin alphabet, derived from the Old Italic alphabet, which itself was derived from the ________.
Greek alphabetHebrew alphabetPhoenician alphabetGreek language

Question 2: ________ is taught in many schools often combined with Greek in the study of Classics, though its role has diminished since the early 20th century.
Classical LatinVulgar LatinOld LatinLatin literature

Question 3: Many ________ have been heavily influenced by Latin.
EsperantoConstructed languageInterlinguaInternational auxiliary language

Question 4:

Question 5: Many organizations today have Latin mottos, such as "Semper Paratus" (always ready), the motto of the United States Coast Guard, and "________" (always faithful), the motto of the United States Marine Corps.
InvasionSemper fidelisPolandEngland

Question 6: The earliest known is ________, a phase of the early and middle Roman republic attested in inscriptions and the earliest surviving Latin works of literature.
Vulgar LatinOld LatinClassical LatinLate Latin

Question 7: ________, popular in the early 20th century, is a language created from Latin with its inflections dropped.
InfinitiveGrammatical genderInterlinguaLatino sine Flexione

Question 8: ________: used when the noun is used in a direct address.
Nominative caseVocative caseDative caseGenitive case

Question 9: ________
Mac OS RomanWestern Latin character sets (computing)ISO/IEC 8859EBCDIC 037

Question 10: Latin is the official language of the ________ and the Vatican City-State.
St. Peter's BasilicaHoly SeePopeCatholic Church

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