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Lateral flow test: Quiz


Question 1: Probably the most well known examples of lateral flow tests are home ________.
Prenatal developmentEctopic pregnancyPregnancy testMiscarriage

Question 2: The sample first encounters coloured particles which are labelled with ________ raised to the target analyte.
AntibodyImmune systemAdaptive immune systemAutoantibody

Question 3: The gold particles are red in colour due to localised ________.
Refractive indexFresnel equationsMetamaterialSurface plasmon resonance

Question 4: However rapid tests or point of care tests are available for a wide range of applications including: ________, Troponin T, test Malaria tests, drugs of Abuse tests, Fertility tests, Respiratory disease tests etc.
HIV and AIDS misconceptionsAIDS denialismHIV testAIDS


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