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Late Latin: Quiz


Question 1: In this view all differences from ________ are bundled as though they evolved through a single continuous style.
Classical LatinLatin literatureOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 2: Being a written language, Late Latin is not identifiable with ________.
Vulgar LatinClassical LatinOld LatinMedieval Latin

Question 3: In Britain ________' view that Britain fell to the Anglo-Saxons because it was morally slack was already well known to the scholarly world.
CadocWalesKing ArthurGildas

Question 4: [1] This somewhat ambiguously defined period fits between ________ and Medieval Latin.
Classical LatinOld LatinLatin literatureVulgar Latin

Question 5: The northern Protestants now worked a role reversal: if the language was "corrupt" it must be symptomatic of a corrupt society, which indubitably led to a "decline and fall", as ________ put it, of imperial society.
DeismDavid HumeEdward GibbonEdmund Burke

Question 6: Accordingly the latter ends with the death of the last of the ________ in 180 AD.
NervaHadrianMarcus AureliusNerva–Antonine dynasty

Question 7: Late Latin is the scholarly name for the written Latin of ________.
Byzantine EmpireLate AntiquityEarly Middle AgesRoman Empire

Question 8: Nor is Late Latin identical to Christian or ________ Latin, the theological writings of the early Christian fathers.
East–West SchismChurch FathersPatristicsEarly Christianity

Question 9: These are considered a subset of Late Latin, but much of the latter, especially in the early part of the period, was written by ________.
Prehistoric religionPaganismPolytheismChristianity and Paganism

Question 10: A new and more universal speech evolved from the main elements: classical Latin, Christian Latin, which featured sermo humilis, "ordinary speech" in which the people were to be addressed,[4] and all the various dialects of ________.
Late LatinVulgar LatinMedieval LatinOld Latin


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