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Question 1: Following the fall of the Principality of Antioch in 1268 to the Mamluks under Sultan ________, King Hugo III of Antioch signed a treaty with Baybars concerning Latakia.
BaibarsAyyubid dynastyQutuzCrusades

Question 2: The Port of Latakia is the main route in Syria for ________, though it also handles a large amount of metals, machinery, chemicals and food stuffs.
Intermodal freight transportContainerizationIntermodal containerWell car

Question 3: In 1973, during the October War (Yom Kippur War), the naval Battle of Latakia between ________ and Syria was fought just offshore from Latakia.
GreeceIsraelArmeniaUnited States

Question 4: In 272, the city was seized by Zenobia, the queen of the Palmyrene Empire, following her abortive attempt to take Antioch from Emperor ________.
Constantine IDiocletianAurelianGallienus

Question 5: In the early part of the thirteenth century a great ________, Masjid al-Kabir, was constructed.
IslamMuslim worldMuslim historyMosque

Question 6: [41] Now the tobacco is mainly produced in ________.

Question 7: Laodicea was known to the Muslims as "al-Ladhiqiyah" or "Latakia",[7] and ________, the reigning caliph during its capture, assigned it to the administration of Jund Hims.
Abu BakrMuhammadUmarRashidun Caliphate

Question 8: In the late 10th century, the Byzantines, under Emperor ________, began taking advantage of the confusion and instability in the late Abbasid era, seizing parts of the Islamic territory.
John I TzimiskesRomanos IINikephoros IIBasil II

Question 9: In 1126, the cities of Latakia and Jableh formed part of the dowry of Princess Alice, daughter of King ________, who made an unsuccessful bid to assume the regency of Antioch.
Baldwin II of JerusalemKingdom of JerusalemBaldwin I of JerusalemFulk of Jerusalem

Question 10: In the Ottoman period, the region of Latakia became predominantly ________.
Imamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)Shia IslamTwelver‘Alawi


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