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Question 1: To the east the ________ and the mountains of Turkey and Iran were capped by local ice fields or small ice sheets.
AsiaEuropeGeorgia (country)Caucasus

Question 2: The Llanquihue glaciation takes its name from Llanquihue Lake in southern Chile which is a fan-shaped ________ glacial lake.
PiedmontAosta ValleyItalyLombardy

Question 3: This is important for ________ since a site that was coastal in the Nordic Stone Age now is inland and can be dated by its relative distance from the present shore.
MiningEngineeringArchaeologyCivil engineering

Question 4: The glaciations that occurred during this glacial period covered many areas, mainly on the Northern Hemisphere and to a lesser extent on the ________.
South AfricaSouthern HemisphereMaldivesMozambique

Question 5: [16] ________ was entirely glaciated, much like today, but the ice sheet left no uncovered area.
Kalahari DesertAtacama DesertDesertAntarctica

Question 6: Outside the main ice sheets widespread glaciation occurred on the ________-Himalaya mountain chain.
HimalayasAlpsGeographyJura Mountains

Question 7: [22] ________ such as these are not uncommon today in Iceland and other places.
Glacial lake outburst floodJökulhlaupSandurGlacier

Question 8: The Pinedale (central Rocky Mountains) or Fraser (Cordilleran ice sheet) glaciation was the last of the major glaciations to appear in the ________ in the United States.
Appalachian MountainsRocky MountainsMontanaGreat Plains

Question 9: The last glacial period was the most recent glacial period within the current ice age occurring during the ________ from ~110,000—10,000 years ago, a period of ~0.1 million years.
Younger DryasPre-IllinoianPleistoceneLittle Ice Age

Question 10: Alternative names include: Weichsel or Vistulian glaciation (named after the Polish river ________ or its German name Weichsel).


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