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Question 1: At the meal, according to John, Jesus gave an extended ________ to his disciples.
Catholic ChurchSermonChristianityProtestant Reformation

Question 2: Arguments about the Filioque, which partly caused the ________ between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, centered around this verse.
First seven Ecumenical CouncilsCounter-ReformationCrusadesEast–West Schism

Question 3: It is not actually specified where the city refers to, and it may refer to one of the ________ of Jerusalem, such as Bethany; the traditional location is not based on anything more specific in the Bible, and may easily be wrong.
SuburbLos AngelesLondonNew York City

Question 4: The vessel which was used to serve the wine is sometimes called the Holy Chalice, and has been one of the supposed subjects of Holy Grail literature in ________.
JesusChristianityChristian mythologyOrthodox Church

Question 5: The traditional location is an area that, according to archaeology, had a large ________ community, adding to the points which make several scholars suspect a link between Jesus and the group (Kilgallen 265).
Dead Sea scrollsQumranEssenesWicked Priest

Question 6: It is only in the ________ at Matthew 26:23-26:25[24] and The Gospel of John at John 13:26-13:27[25] where Judas is specifically singled out.
Gospel of LukeGospel of MatthewNew TestamentGospel of Mark

Question 7: ________ commonly refers to the service as "The Sacrament".
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsJoseph Smith, Jr.Mormonism and ChristianityHistory of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  The last Supper by Jacques Du Broeucq (Mons - 1541-1545).
  Simon Ushakov's icon of the Mystical Supper.
  Simon Ushakov's icon of the Mystical Supper.
  Simon Ushakov's icon of the Mystical Supper.

Question 9: ________ observed a ritual meal known as the "agape feast"[32] These "love feasts" were apparently a full meal, with each participant bringing food, and with the meal eaten in a common room.
CrusadesEast–West SchismEarly ChristianityBiblical canon

Question 10: Despite the assertions of each Apostle that it would not be he, Jesus is described as reiterating that it would be one of those who were present, and goes on to say that there shall be woe to the man who betrays the ________!
Book of DanielGospelGospel of MatthewSon of man


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