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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (song): Quiz


Question 1: [2] Additionally, house/dance music singer Lula recently released an unrelated song of the same name officially titled ________ feat.
Humberto de Alencar Castelo BrancoJoão GoulartLuiz Inácio Lula da SilvaFernando Henrique Cardoso

Question 2: American pop/R&B singer ________ co-produced a cover of "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" with DJ Clue and Duro for her tenth album, Glitter.
I'll Be There (The Jackson 5 song)The Remixes (Mariah Carey album)Mariah CareyWe Belong Together

Question 3: The song is featured in the 2002 ________ Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on one of the in-game radio stations which are accessed while driving.
Video game genresVideo gameNonviolent video gamePersonal computer game

Question 4: This version reached number thirteen on the UK Singles Chart and number one on the UK Dance chart in ________.

Question 5: Carey's version of the song features Fabolous and ________, and it is heard during a scene in the film Glitter in which Carey starred.
Back on My B.S.Busta Rhymes discographyFlipmode EntertainmentBusta Rhymes

Question 6: Because of the limited success of Indeep's later releases, the group's first single was their only hit and placed them into the ________ category of artists.
MTVDiscoNovelty songOne-hit wonder


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