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Last Judgment: Quiz


Question 1: Protestant Millennialism falls into roughly two categories: Premillennialist (Christ's second coming precedes the ________) and Postmillennialist (which sees Christ's second coming as occurring after the millennium).
ISO 8601Gregorian calendarMillenniumTime

Question 2: It also widely holds to the pretribulational return of Christ, which believes that Jesus will return before a seven year ________ followed by an additional return of Christ with his saints.
AntichristTribulationPremillennialismSecond Coming

Question 3: Some Bible teachers have considered that the ________, a future tenth day of Tishrei on the Hebrew calendar, may well mark the last day of this present age.
ShabbatJewish servicesYom KippurJewish holiday

Question 4: The theme of the Last Judgment is found in the funeral and memorial hymnody of the Church, and is a major theme in the services during ________.
Good FridayGreat LentEasterPentecostarion

Question 5: Amillennialism is common among some "mainline" Protestant denominations such as the Lutheran, Reformed and ________ churches.
AnglicanismEpiscopal Church (United States)CatholicismEcumenical council

Question 6: ________ do not believe in any sort of earthly millennial kingdom of Christ either before or after his second coming on the last day.
Protestant ReformationSacramental unionLutheranismApostles' Creed

Question 7: Like most early iconographic innovations, its origins stem from ________.
ByzantiumRoman EmpireIstanbulGreeks

Question 8: [25][26][27] A second ________ they refer to as the Bema Seat judgement occurs after (or as) salvation is discerned when awards are granted based on works toward heavenly treasures.
SoulLast JudgmentDivine judgmentParticular judgment

Question 9: The last judgement will occur after the ________ and the reuniting of a person's soul with own physical body[2].
End timeJewish eschatologyChristian eschatologyResurrection of the dead

Question 10: Salvation is granted by grace based on the individual's surrender and commitment to ________.
GospelJesusNew TestamentNew Testament view on Jesus' life


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