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Question 1: Dry ink (________) particles are then electrostatically picked up by the drum's charged areas.
TonerCarbonLaser printerAsthma

Question 2: The first commercial implementation of a laser printer was the ________ model 3800 in 1976, used for high-volume printing of documents such as invoices and mailing labels.
Intel CorporationHewlett-PackardGeneral ElectricIBM

Question 3: As a natural part of the printing process, the high voltages inside the printer can produce a ________ that generates a small amount of ionized oxygen and nitrogen, forming ozone and nitrogen oxides.
Corona dischargeElectricityLightningElectrostatic discharge

Question 4: Many printers have a toner-conservation mode, called "Economode" by ________, which uses about half as much toner but produces a lighter draft-quality output.
IBMIntel CorporationHewlett-PackardMicrosoft

Question 5: Some "________" printers actually use a linear array of light-emitting diodes to "write" the light on the drum (see LED printer).
X-rayLaser applicationsLaserHelium

Question 6: The laser beam neutralizes (or reverses) the charge on the black parts of the image, leaving a ________ negative image on the photoreceptor surface to lift the toner particles.
ElectrostaticsOzoneStatic electricityElectric charge

Question 7: These printers tend to lack onboard processing and rely on the host computer to generate a raster image (see ________), but still will outperform the LaserJet Classic in nearly all situations.
Component Object ModelGraphics Device InterfaceDirectXDesktop Window Manager

Question 8: Digital rights advocacy groups such as the ________ are concerned about this erosion of the privacy and anonymity of those who print.
Electronic Frontier FoundationIntellectual propertyDigital rights managementFree Software Foundation

Question 9: The toner is based on either wax or ________, so that when the paper passes through the fuser assembly, the particles of toner melt.
Polyvinyl chloridePolystyrenePolycarbonatePlastic

Question 10: The first ________ LaserJet only had 128 kilobytes of memory.
Hewlett-PackardIBMIntel CorporationMicrosoft

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