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Larry Flynt Publications: Quiz


Question 1: As a result of the ________ the United States entered an economic recession; Hustler Club customers tightened their spending and Flynt had to find financing to pay his debts or go bankrupt.
Petroleum1973 oil crisisIranIsrael

Question 2: For most of its existence, the publication was devoted almost exclusively to strategies and codes for popular ________.
Video game genresVideo gameNonviolent video gamePersonal computer game

Question 3: Larry Flynt Publications, or LFP, Inc., runs the adult entertainment empire founded by ________.
The People vs. Larry FlyntUnited StatesOhioLarry Flynt

Question 4: Now a millionaire, he bought a $375,000 (1976 dollars) ________.

Question 5: After 1976, Larry Flynt Publications expanded to include many ________ as well as mainstream titles under its umbrella.
Glamour photographyPornographyPornographic magazinePubic Wars

Question 6: In November 1974, Hustler showed the first "pink-shots," or photos of open ________.
PenisClitorisFemale ejaculationVagina

Question 7: In July 1974, the first issue of ________ was published.
Larry Flynt PublicationsLarry FlyntJerry FalwellHustler

Question 8: Shortly thereafter, Flynt was approached by a paparazzo who had taken nude pictures of former First Lady ________ while she was sunbathing on vacation in 1971.
Caroline KennedyJacqueline Kennedy OnassisRobert F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy

Question 9: It published 14 bi-monthly issues of TurboPlay Magazine (June/July 1990 – August/September 1992) dedicated to covering ________ and TG-CD hardware and software.
Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemMega-CDTurboGrafx-16Mega Drive

Question 10: Founded in 1976, two years after Flynt began publishing ________ magazine, LFP was originally to serve as the parent company of this magazine.
HustlerLarry Flynt PublicationsJerry FalwellLarry Flynt

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