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Question 1:
What artery is in the Large intestine?
Pontine branches of the Basilar artery
Middle cerebral and
Superior mesenteric, Inferior mesenteric and Iliac arteries
superior hypophyseal

Question 2: Bacterial fermentation of undigested ________ produces these.

Question 3:

Question 4: Other bacterial products include gas (flatus), which is a mixture of nitrogen and ________, with small amounts of the gases hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulphide.
Greenhouse gasCarbon sinkCarbon dioxideCarbon cycle

Question 5: Undigested ________ (fiber) are metabolized to short-chain fatty acids by bacteria in the large intestine and absorbed by passive diffusion.

Question 6: In some small mammals, the colon is straight, as it is in other tetrapods, but in the majority of mammalian species it is divided into ascending and descending portions; a distinct transverse colon is typically only present in ________.
HominidaePrimateOld World monkeyBat

Question 7: The large intestine differs most obviously from the ________ in being much wider and in showing the longitudinal layer of the muscularis have been reduced to 3 strap-like structures known as the taeniae coli.
Small intestineVermiform appendixColon (anatomy)Stomach

Question 8: These bacteria also produce large amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin K and Biotin (a ________), for absorption into the blood.
B vitaminsFolic acidNiacinVitamin B12

Question 9: An individual who depends on absorption of vitamins formed by bacteria in the large intestine may become vitamin deficient if treated with ________ that inhibit other species of bacteria as well as the disease-causing bacteria.
AntibioticAntibiotic misuseNucleic acid inhibitorATC code J01

Question 10: The ________ is attached to its posteromedial surface of the large intestine.
Vermiform appendixColon (anatomy)Small intestineStomach


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