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Large Yellow Underwing: Quiz


Question 1: It will also visit ________ such as Buddleia, ragwort and Red Valerian.
Flowering plantFruitFlowerSeed

Question 2: It is an abundant species throughout ________, one of the most common and most familiar moths of the region.
Eastern EuropeEuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 3: It was first recorded in Pennsylvania in 1998, North Carolina (1997) and west to Colorado (1999), Wyoming (2000), California (2001) and ________ (2002).
CanadaAlbertaBritish ColumbiaOntario

Question 4: The Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba) is a moth, the type species for the family ________.
Geometer mothNoctuidaeLepidopteraNymphalidae

Question 5: Itwas introduced into ________ at Nova Scotia.
AmericasNorth AmericaAmericas (terminology)South America

Question 6: The latest new record is from ________ (2005).
Northwestern United StatesAlaskaWashingtonUnited States

Question 7: It is also present from North Africa eastward to ________.
IndiaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok Sabha

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