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Question 1: Recently, ________ has announced to be developing an own operating system called Chrome for this market.
Google LatitudeGoogle VariationsGoogleAndroid (operating system)

Question 2: Other boards may have one or more standard, such as ________, or proprietary expansion slots.
PC CardExpressCardPCI ExpressUniversal Serial Bus

Question 3: Netbooks are laptops that are light-weight, economical, energy-efficient and especially suited for wireless communication and ________ access.
World Wide WebInternet Relay ChatE-mailInternet

Question 4: The ________, released in 1981, used the Zilog Z80 and weighed 23.5 pounds (10.7 kg).
Osborne 1KayproCP/MOsborne Executive

Question 5: A Laptop is a ________ designed for mobile use and small and light enough to sit on a person's lap while in use.
MicrocomputerNetbookPocket PCPersonal computer

Question 6: Expansion cards – A PC Card (formerly PCMCIA) or ________ bay for expansion cards is often present on laptops to allow adding and removing functionality, even when the laptop is powered on.
Universal Serial BusPCI ExpressExpressCardIEEE 1394 interface

Question 7: ________ may be found on some higher-end notebooks.
Digital Visual InterfaceBlu-ray DiscHDMIMobile High-definition Link

Question 8: ________ – Has a touch-screen interface, may or may not have a keyboard;
Personal computerTablet PCUltra-Mobile PCLaptop

Question 9: Internal storage – Laptop ________ are physically smaller—2.5 inches (64 mm) or 1.8 inches (46 mm) —compared to desktop 3.5 inches (89 mm) drives.
Floppy diskUniversal Serial BusUSB flash driveHard disk drive

Question 10: Modern ________ have a complex joint between the keyboard housing and the display, permitting the display panel to swivel and then lie flat on the keyboard housing.
NetbookTablet PCUltra-Mobile PCPersonal computer


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