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Lapidary: Quiz


Question 1: The arts of a sculptor or ________ do not generally fall within the definition, though chiseling inscriptions in stone, and preparing laboratory 'thin sections' may be considered lapidary arts.
MasonryStonemasonryRomeStone wall

Question 2: In modern contexts, the term is most commonly associated with ________ and decorative household items (e.g.
Body piercingGoldJewelleryBrass

Question 3: The Medici Chapel at San Lorenzo in ________ is completely veneered with inlaid hard stones.

Question 4: There is a collection of gem and mineral shows held in ________, at the beginning of February each year.
Pima County, ArizonaMesa, ArizonaTucson, ArizonaPhoenix, Arizona

Question 5: In China, lapidary work specializing in jade carving has been continuous since at least the ________.
Song DynastyHan DynastyZhou DynastyShang Dynasty

Question 6: Diamond cutters are generally not referred to as lapidaries, due to the specialized techniques which are required to work ________.

Question 7: A secondary meaning of lapidary is pertaining to, about, "of inscriptions." Since ________ were laboriously chiselled to stone, a "lapidary" writing style is crisp, accurate, formal, and condensed.
EpigraphyWriting systemLatin alphabetGreek language

Question 8: ________ is the term in art history for the objects produced and the craft.
Engraved gemJadeHardstone carvingJewellery


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