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Lap dance: Quiz


Question 1: [3]The Melody Theater became the Harmony Theater and operated in two locations in ________ for over 20 years until it was closed down in 1998.
New York CityBrooklynStaten IslandManhattan

Question 2: In the 1970s, ________'s Melody Theater introduced audience participation and called it "Mardi Gras".
New JerseyMassachusettsConnecticutNew York

Question 3: The results were interpreted as evidence of ________ in humans: females apparently advertise their fertility status to males in some manner.
PubertyEstrous cycleOvulationMenstrual cycle

Question 4: Finally, in 1999 the ________ ruled that lap dancing was legal.
Politics of CanadaSupreme Court of CanadaGovernor General of CanadaNational Gallery of Canada

Question 5: One such minimum distance ordinance in ________ was overturned by public referendum in November 2006.
SeattleRedmond, WashingtonBellevue, WashingtonRenton, Washington

Question 6: Some jurisdictions in the ________ outlaw lap dances and enforce a minimum distance between dancer and patron.
AlaskaUnited StatesCanadaPhilippines

Question 7: Lap dancing clubs are a development of the earlier strip clubs, in which ________ danced on stage and were paid a wage.

Question 8: In 1980, ________'s Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre changed its policy so that customers could have dancers come to sit naked on their laps for a $1 tip.
Oakland, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan FranciscoSan Jose, California

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