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Languages of the United States: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ seeks to establish English as the only official language of the entire nation.
United StatesArizonaHawaiiEnglish-only movement

Question 2:
What family does Algonquian languages belong to?

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Russian language have?
Liviu's Dream
Bad Scene and a Basement Show
Winter Evening
Magnetic North

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Languages of the United States have?
Standard numeric procedures in the language R5RS Scheme
Croatian submission to Best Foreign Language Film category, Academy Awards
Articles Related to Languages of the United States
Sign Language

Question 5: The differences are not usually a barrier to effective communication between an ________ and a British English speaker, but there are certainly enough differences to cause occasional misunderstandings, usually surrounding slang or region dialect differences.
American EnglishEnglish languageAlaskaUnited States

Question 6: Unlike ________, ASL is a natural language in its own right, not a manual representation of English.
Sign languageManually Coded EnglishManually coded languageAmerican Sign Language

Question 7:
Where does Languages of the United States come from?
the United States
West Virginia , United States
United States
United States and MexicoHeadquarters: Miami, Florida

Question 8: There were around 1 million Portuguese Americans in the ________ by the year 2000.
United StatesAlaskaPhilippinesCanada

Question 9: Shortly after the Civil War, many ________ immigrated to the United States, mainly in rural areas of the Midwest (and more specifically in Michigan's Upper Peninsula).
Finnish nationality lawBritish nationality lawGreek nationality lawSwedish nationality law

Question 10: Portuguese (European Portuguese) has been spoken in the United States by small communities of immigrants, mainly in the metropolitan ________ area, like Newark, New Jersey.
New York metropolitan areaManhattanBrooklynNew York City


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