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Languages of Singapore: Quiz


Question 1: Historically, Pasar Melayu, or Bazaar Malay (a pidginised variety of Malay) used to be the ________ spoken by all races before Singapore's independence in 1965 [5].
MalaysiaAzerbaijanTurkeyLingua franca

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Languages of Singapore have?
Articles Related to Languages of Singapore
Singapore Idol winner
High Commissioner to Singapore
Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to Singapore

Question 3: As a result, by the turn of the 21st Century, nearly all Singaporeans under 50 are able to use the English language as their ________, although they can also speak a 2nd language such as Chinese, Malay or Tamil.
First languageMultilingualismFrench languageLingua franca

Question 4: ________, a variety of Malay Creole influenced by Hokkien and Bazaar Malay, is today still spoken by around 5000 Peranakans in Singapore.
JakartaMaluku IslandsMalay-based creole languagesIndonesia

Question 5: Other Indian languages spoken include Malayalam and ________.
Punjabi languageSanskritHindiHindustani language

Question 6: The so-called ________ is also used to teach a moral education class in primary school, and the subject is available in Chinese, Malay and Tamil, however, civics classes in secondary school are taught in English.
First languageMultilingualismEnglish languageFrench language

Question 7: But after Singapore's independence in 1965, the nation had chosen English as its ________, thus replacing Pasar Melayu.
TurkeyMalaysiaAzerbaijanLingua franca

Question 8: [4] Many foreigners come from ________, Malaysia, Philippines and India and do not speak English fluently, if at all.
Time in ChinaChinaProvince (China)Religion in China

Question 9: Malay is generally spoken by the ________.
Arab SingaporeanIndians in SingaporeIndonesiaMalays in Singapore

Question 10: The English that is spoken tend to alternate between ________ and Standard Singapore English.
Received PronunciationWest/Central Canadian EnglishEnglish languageSinglish


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