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Languages of Malta: Quiz


Question 1: 52.46% of Maltese words are of Romance origin, a result of significant influence from Italy (in particular Sicily) and, to a lesser extent, ________.
United StatesCanadaFranceUnited Kingdom

Question 2: It is a ________ derived from Siculo-Arabic; however a majority of vocabulary comes from Sicilian and Italian, as described by Maltese linguist May Butcher.
Aramaic languageSemitic languagesAkkadian languageArabic language

Question 3: Maltenglish________ between Maltese and English
Code-switchingLanguage contactVariety (linguistics)Morphology (linguistics)

Question 4: The current national language of ________ is Maltese, which along with English, is one of the official languages.
CyprusPhilippinesUnited StatesMalta

Question 5: Maltese is the national language of the Maltese people, and one of the official languages of Malta and the ________.
European UnionGermanyEuropean ParliamentDenmark


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