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Languages of Belgium: Quiz


Question 1:
Where does Languages of Belgium come from?

Question 2: The German-speaking Community of Belgium numbers 71,000, residing in an area of Belgium that ceded by the former ________ as part of the Treaty of Versailles, which concluded World War I.
Austria–HungaryGerman colonial empireGerman EmpireHoly Roman Empire

Question 3: In addition to the three official languages, other languages have historically been spoken in what is now Belgium, particularly in ________, where French became dominant only relatively recently.
BrusselsWalloniaLiègeWalloon Region (federal region)

Question 4: Yiddish is spoken by the 20,000 Orthodox Jews living in ________.

Question 5: Dutch is the official language of the Flemish Community and the Flemish Region (merged to Flanders) and, along with French, an official language of the ________.

Question 6: The original Brabantian dialect of ________ has been heavily influenced by French, and in most cases replaced by it during the Frenchification of Brussels.

Question 7: [1] Though the standard form of Dutch used in Belgium is almost identical to that spoken in the Netherlands and the different dialects spread across the border, it is often colloquially called "________".
GroningsBrabantianDutch languageFlemish

Question 8: Words which are unique to Belgian Dutch are called belgicisms (as are words used primarily in ________).
Quebec FrenchAcadian FrenchBelgian FrenchFrench language

Question 9: In 1940, ________ re-annexed the region following its invasion of Belgium during World War II.
Axis powersNazi GermanyNazismAdolf Hitler

Question 10: Almost all of the inhabitants of the Capital region are able to speak French as either their primary language (50%) or as a ________ (45%).
AzerbaijanLingua francaMalaysiaTurkey


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