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Languages of Australia: Quiz


Question 1: Meriam Mir is considered to be a ________, while Kala Lagaw Ya is generally thought to be an Australian language that has gained Papuan-like features due to language contact.
Trans–New Guinea languagesPapuan languagesSepik languagesWest Papuan languages

Question 2: All the indigenous languages of ________ are extinct today, and little reliable information about them was recorded.
Victoria (Australia)AustraliaWestern AustraliaTasmania

Question 3: There were more than 250 languages spoken by ________ prior to the arrival of Europeans.
Indigenous AustraliansIndigenous Australian musicNorfolk IslandMelanesia

Question 4: Australia has a sign language known as ________, which is the main language of about 6,500 deaf people.
AuslanAmerican Sign LanguageEnglish languageBritish Sign Language

Question 5: Broome Pearling Lugger Pidgin was a pidgin used as a ________ between Malays, Japanese, Vietnamese and Aborigines on pearling boats.
Lingua francaTurkeyMalaysiaAzerbaijan

Question 6: Both are spoken in the ________ and Queensland.
Northern TerritoryWestern AustraliaAustraliaDarwin, Northern Territory

Question 7: Two English-based creoles have arisen in Australia after European contact: Kriol and ________.
Australian Aboriginal EnglishTiwi languageTorres Strait CreoleKala Lagaw Ya

Question 8: Australian English (AuE, AusE, en-AU) is the form of the ________ used in Australia.
American EnglishEnglish languageCanadaSouth Africa

Question 9: Two languages are spoken on the islands of the Torres Strait, within Australian territory, that do not follow the general pattern that Australian Aboriginal languages do: ________ and Meriam Mir.
Warlpiri languageTiwi languageArrernte languageKala Lagaw Ya

Question 10: ________ has its own distinctive accent and vocabulary.
English languageAustralian EnglishAmerican EnglishNew Zealand English


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