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Question 1: A number of lesser spurs projected from Russell's Top towards the beach; the most prominent was a striking, eroded outcrop that was inevitably named "The Sphinx" by soldiers who had until recently been encamped near the ________.
Abu RawashGiza NecropolisEgyptian pyramidsMemphis, Egypt

Question 2: The purpose of the invasion was to neutralise the Turkish forts that controlled the passage of the ________ straits.
EuropeGreeceDardanellesGallipoli Campaign

Question 3: The southern "lobe" was distinguished by a solitary Turkish Pine tree, initially named the "Lonesome Pine", after a ________ of the time, but afterwards shortened to Lone Pine.
Song structure (popular music)Thirty-two-bar formMusical formPopular music

Question 4: The remaining waves of the covering force would be landed from seven ________ which were to approach close in to the beach.
Fletcher class destroyerTribal class destroyer (1936)DestroyerV and W class destroyer

Question 5: It was a wide, ________-shaped area of relatively level ground, thickly covered with scrub but largely treeless.
Circulatory systemLymphatic systemHeartTorso

Question 6: Shortly after the landing, the commander of the 3rd Brigade, ________ Sinclair-MacLagan, had begun directing his forces on Plugge's Plateau to move up Monash Valley.
Second LieutenantCaptain (land)Lieutenant ColonelColonel

Question 7: Three ________ were to seize the third ridge line as well as Gaba Tepe while the fourth battalion remained in reserve.
BattalionCompany (military unit)BrigadeRegiment

Question 8: When the British ceased offensive operations at Helles, Anzac provided the base from which to launch a new offensive in August in what became the ________.
Gallipoli CampaignBattle of Sari BairLanding at Suvla BayBattle of Hill 60 (Gallipoli)

Question 9: See ________.
Gallipoli CampaignLanding at Suvla BayNaval operations in the Dardanelles CampaignLanding at Cape Helles

Question 10: The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was formed in ________ from the Australian and New Zealand infantry that had been in training prior to moving to the Western Front in France.


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