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Landing Ship, Infantry: Quiz


Question 1: HMS Royal Scotsman - former passenger ship operating in the ________
Atlantic OceanNorth SeaIrish SeaArctic Ocean

Question 2: LSI were generally converted cross-channel ________ and other similar ships of that size[1] or converted passenger ships[2]
HovercraftFerryCable ferryZero-fare public transport

Question 3: Post-war the US renamed their ________ as "Landing Ship Infantry" - these were vessels that could beach and carried around 200 troops.
Landing Craft InfantryLanding Craft SupportFairmile H landing craftLanding Ship, Tank

Question 4: Landing Ship, Infantry (LSI) was a British term for a type of ship used to transport infantry in ________ during the Second World War
Aerial warfareMilitary historyAmphibious warfareNaval warfare

Question 5: They would then transfer to landing craft, such as the ________ for the journey to the beach.
Dieppe RaidAmphibious warfareLanding Craft AssaultWorld War II


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