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Question 1: Many of the terms are not restricted to refer to features of the planet ________, and can be used to describe surface features of other planets and similar objects in the Universe.

Question 2: Biological factors can also influence landforms— for example, note the role of vegetation in the development of dune systems and salt marshes, and the work of corals and ________ in the formation of coral reefs.
PhotosynthesisAlgaePlantWild fisheries

Question 3: ________ is the study of terrain, although the word is often used as a synonym for relief itself.
TopographyTopographic mapDigital elevation modelGeographic information system

Question 4: In ________, many different techniques are used to describe relief, including contour lines and TIN (Triangulated irregular network).
MapCartographyGeographyGeographic information system

Question 5: ________ and continents exemplify the highest-order landforms.
EarthNatureNatural environmentOcean

Question 6: ________) elements including various kinds of inland and oceanic waterbodies and sub-surface features.
Mountain rangeMountainLandformLevee

Question 7: Landforms do not include man-made features, such as ________, ports and many harbors; and geographic features, such as deserts, forests, grasslands, and impact craters.
Lock (water transport)LeveeCanalInfrastructure

Question 8: A number of factors, ranging from plate tectonics to ________ and deposition, can generate and affect landforms.
River deltaDuneMouth barErosion

Question 9: Examples are mountains, polar caps, and valleys, which are found on all of the ________.
Extrasolar planetTerrestrial planetGas giantSolar System

Question 10: These are areas with relatively homogenous ________ properties, bounded by lines of discontinuity.
AllometryMorphometricsBrainStatistical shape analysis


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