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Question 1: Landfall is the event of a ________ (also known as a hurricane) or a waterspout coming onto land after being over water.
Tropical cyclone basinsRainEye (cyclone)Tropical cyclone

Question 2: These coupled with high surf can cause major beach ________.
Mouth barRiver deltaDuneErosion

Question 3: When a ________ makes landfall it is reclassified as a tornado, which can then cause damage inland.
WindEye (cyclone)WaterspoutThunderstorm

Question 4: Such effects include the peaking of the ________, the core of strong winds comes on shore, and heavy flooding rains.
Eye (cyclone)Storm surgeTropical cyclone basinsTropical cyclone

Question 5: [1] This is where most of the damage occurs within a mature tropical cyclone, such as a typhoon or hurricane, as most of the damaging aspects of these systems is concentrated near the ________.
TornadoRainEye (cyclone)Tropical cyclogenesis

Question 6: When a ________ waterspout makes landfall it is reclassified as a tornado,[4] which can subsequently cause damage to areas inland of the coast.
Severe weatherMeteorologyTornadoThunderstorm

Question 7: ________ will naturally decrease as the cyclone moved inland due to frictional differences between water and land with the free atmosphere.
Eye (cyclone)Tropical cycloneTropical cyclone observationMaximum sustained wind


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