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Land (economics): Quiz


Question 1: In ________, land is considered one of the three factors of production (along with capital, and labor).
John Stuart MillDavid RicardoThomas Robert MalthusClassical economics

Question 2: As a tangible ________ land is represented in accounting as a fixed asset or a capital asset.
Cash flow statementBalance sheetValuation (finance)Asset

Question 3: Income derived from ownership or control of ________ is referred to as rent.
Conservation biologyHabitat conservationNatural resourceNature

Question 4: Examples are any and all particular geographical locations, mineral deposits, and even geostationary orbit locations and portions of the ________.
X-rayGamma rayMicrowaveElectromagnetic spectrum

Question 5: In ________, land comprises all naturally occurring resources whose supply is inherently fixed.
MoneyKeynesian economicsHeterodox economicsEconomics


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