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Laminin: Quiz


Question 1: There are five forms of alpha-chains: LAMA1, LAMA2, LAMA3, LAMA4, ________
Laminin, alpha 5Collagen, type VII, alpha 1Laminin, alpha 1Keratin 1

Question 2: LAMA1; LAMA2; LAMA3; ________; LAMB1; LAMB2; LAMB3; LAMB4; LAMC1; LAMC3; NTN1; NTN2L; NTN4; NTNG1; NTNG2; USH2A;
Laminin, alpha 5Keratin 1Collagen, type VII, alpha 1Laminin, alpha 1

Question 3: They also bind to cell membranes through integrin receptors and other plasma membrane molecules, such as the ________ glycoprotein complex and Lutheran blood group glycoprotein.

Question 4: There are three of gamma-chains: LAMC1, ________, LAMC3
Collagen, type XI, alpha 1Collagen, type XVI, alpha 1COL8A2Laminin, gamma 2

Question 5: LAMA1; LAMA2; LAMA3; LAMA4; ________;
Laminin, alpha 1Collagen, type VII, alpha 1Laminin, alpha 5Keratin 1

Question 6: Laminins form independent networks and are associated with type IV ________ networks via entactin, and perlecan.
CollagenKeratinCollagen, type I, alpha 1Lysyl hydroxylase

Question 7: LAMA1; LAMA2; LAMA3; LAMA4; ________;
Laminin, alpha 5Laminin, alpha 1Keratin 1Collagen, type VII, alpha 1

Question 8: [3] For example, the ________ sequence [GTFALRGDNGDNGQ], which is located on the alpha-chain of laminin, promotes adhesion of endothelial cells.
Melanotan IIBremelanotideAfamelanotidePeptide

Question 9: ________; LAMA1; LAMA2; LAMA3; LAMA5; LAMC1; LAMC2; LAMC3;
PerlecanVascular endothelial growth factor AANGPT2Angiopoietin 1

Question 10: In muscle, it binds to alpha dystroglycan and integrin alpha7beta1 via the G domain, and via the other end binds to the ________.
Elastic fiberHistologyExtracellular matrixCollagen


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