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Laki: Quiz


Question 1:
Where is Laki?

Question 2:
When did Laki last erupt?
590,000 years
< 50,000 years ago

Question 3:
What type is thing is Laki?
Fissure vents
Dinner Theatre

Question 4: ________ recorded his observations in a 1784 lecture:
Benjamin FranklinThomas JeffersonThomas MifflinJohn Adams

Question 5: Laki or Lakagígar (Craters of Laki) is a volcanic fissure situated in the south of ________, not far from the canyon of Eldgjá and the small town Kirkjubæjarklaustur, in Skaftafell National Park.

Question 6:
How many metres above sea level is Laki?
varies: canyon to
506 m

Question 7: tons of sulfur dioxide were emitted: approximately equivalent to three times the total annual European industrial output in 2006, and also equivalent to a ________-1991 eruption every three days.
VolcanoPhilippinesLuzonMount Pinatubo

Question 8: There was ice skating in Charleston Harbor, a huge snowstorm hit the south, the Mississippi River froze at New Orleans, and there was ice in the ________.
Mediterranean SeaAtlantic OceanCaribbean SeaGulf of Mexico

Question 9: ________
SupervolcanoTimetable of major worldwide volcanic eruptionsVolcanic Explosivity IndexPacific Ring of Fire

Question 10: On 8 June 1783, a fissure with 130 craters opened with phreatomagmatic explosions because of the groundwater interacting with the rising ________ magma.
Flood basaltLavaBasaltIgneous rock


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