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Lake Ohrid: Quiz


Question 1: Given the population growth over the past 50 years, a particular concern is the potential ________ of currently oligotrophic Lake Ohrid from increased pollution.
Marine pollutionEutrophicationWater pollutionSurface runoff

Question 2: Ochridagammarus solidus), with particularly large endemism among ________, molluscs, sponges and planarians.

Question 3: Lake Ohrid is the deepest lake of the ________, with a maximum depth of 288 m (940 ft) and a mean depth of 155 m (508 ft).
BalkansWestern EuropeEastern EuropeEurope

Question 4: The water leaves Lake Ohrid by evaporation (~40%) and through its only outlet, the Black Drin River, which flows in a northerly direction into Albania and thus to the ________.
Aegean SeaIonian SeaMediterranean SeaAdriatic Sea

Question 5: Moreover it was shown that the negative effects from eutrophication would be significantly amplified by ________.
Global warmingScientific opinion on climate changeGlobal warming controversyKyoto Protocol

Question 6: There are three cities on the lake's shores: ________ and Struga on the Macedonian side; Pogradec in Albania.

Question 7: Lake Ohrid (Macedonian: Охридско Езеро, Ohridsko Ezero; Albanian: Liqeni i Ohrit) straddles the mountainous border between the southwestern Republic of Macedonia and eastern ________.
CroatiaAlbaniaSerbiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 8: the two endemic ________ species, has dropped significantly over the past decades, both in the Republic of Macedonia and in Albania.
Brook troutOncorhynchusTroutRainbow trout

Question 9: The Ohrid and Prespa Lakes belong to a group of Dessaret basins that originated from a geotectonic depression during the Pliocene epoch up to five million years ago on the western side of the ________.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegroProkletijeDinaric Alps

Question 10: Worldwide, there are only a few lakes with similarly remote origins with ________ and Lake Tanganyika being the most famous.
Yenisei RiverLake BaikalRussiaIrkutsk


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