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Question 1: Buddhists also associate the lake to the legendary lake known as Anavatapta in Sanskrit and Anotatta in ________, where Queen Maya is believed to have conceived Buddha.
Ashoka the GreatBuddhism by countryPaliBuddhist art

Question 2: Lake Mansarovar is mentioned in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (Sacred book of the ________)
SikhMazhabiSikh diasporaSikhism

Question 3: [2] Hence, in ________ it is called "Manas sarovara", which is a combination of the words manas (mind) and sarovara (lake).

Question 4: Nearby are the sources of the Brahmaputra River, the mainstem Indus River, and the Karnali River (Ghaghara) which is an important tributary of the ________, so this region is the hydrographic nexus of the Himalaya.
YamunaGangesGhaghara RiverBhagirathi River

Question 5: The Jains and the ________ of Tibet equally revere this spot with great enthusiasm.
BönTibetan BuddhismVajrayanaDalai Lama

Question 6: The Search for ________: A Journey into Tibetan History.
Tashilhunpo MonasteryShangri-LaJames HiltonNepal

Question 7: Like ________, Lake Manasa Sarovar is a place of pilgrimage, attracting religious people from India, Tibet and the neighboring countries.
KagyuBönDalai LamaMount Kailash

Question 8: To the west of Lake Manasa Sarovar is Lake Rakshastal and towards the north is ________, known in Tibetan as Khang Rinpoche.
Mount KailashKagyuBönDalai Lama

Question 9: One who drinks the water from the lake will go to the heaven of Lord ________.

Question 10: The lake, in Hindu mythology, is also supposed to be the summer abode of ________.
AnatidaeMute SwanSwanBird


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