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Question 1: In 1864, the lake and its neighbouring area was ceded to ________ through the Sino-Russian Treaty.
Russian EmpireOttoman EmpireGolden HordeBritish Empire

Question 2: The western half of the lake is ________, while the eastern half is saline.
EarthFreshwaterRiverWater resources

Question 3: The Ili is dammed for hydroelectric power at Kapchagay, and the river waters are heavily diverted for ________ irrigation and for industrial purposes.
Intensive farmingAgricultureOrganic farmingSustainable agriculture

Question 4: The waters of the Ili River and of Lake Balkhash are of vital economic importance to ________.

Question 5: It was a land where the nomadic Turks and ________ of the steppe mingled cultures with the settled peoples of Central Asia.
Kalmyk peopleBorjiginMonguorMongols

Question 6: The water ________ of Balkhash is intensified as urbanisation and industrialisation in the area grow rapidly.
Marine pollutionPollutionWater pollutionAir pollution

Question 7: The Ili is fed from precipitation (largely vernal snowmelt) from the mountains of ________'s Xinjiang region.
Religion in ChinaProvince (China)Time in ChinaChina

Question 8: [2] During China's ________ (1644 - 1911), the lake formed the northwestern-most boundary of the Empire.
Ming DynastyQing DynastyYuan DynastyTang Dynasty

Question 9: With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the lake became part of ________.

Question 10: Approximately 1,600 km (990 mi) to the northeast lies ________, the largest lake on Earth by volume.
Yenisei RiverIrkutskLake BaikalRussia


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