Laissez-faire: Quiz

Question 1: The Pacific Railway Acts provided the development of the ________.
Transportation in OmahaRailroads in OmahaUnion Pacific RailroadFirst Transcontinental Railroad

Question 2: Although Gournay left no written tracts on his economic policy ideas, he had immense personal influence on the thinking of his contemporaries, notably the ________, who credit both the 'laissez-faire' slogan and doctrine to Gournay.
Pierre Le Pesant, sieur de BoisguilbertTableau économiqueRichard CantillonPhysiocracy

Question 3: Most of the early opponents of laissez-faire capitalism in the United States subscribed to the ________.
American School (economics)Anarchist economicsProtectionismMixed economy

Question 4: ________
Industrial Revolution
Islamic capitalism
David HumeAge of EnlightenmentHumanismDeism

Question 5: When the eager ________ minister asked how the French state could be of service to the merchants, Le Gendre replied simply "Laissez-nous faire" ('Leave us be', lit.
Keynesian economicsMercantilismGeorgismNeoclassical economics

Question 6: ________
Chicago school
Classical economics
Keynesian economics
New Keynesian economics
Neoclassical economics
Supply-side economics
Institutional economics
New institutional economics
Austrian SchoolLew RockwellLudwig von MisesFriedrich von Hayek

Question 7: Following the Civil War, the movement towards a mixed economy accelerated with even more protectionism and ________.

Question 8: Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal by ________
Ayn RandObjectivist movementBibliography for Ayn Rand and ObjectivismObjectivism (Ayn Rand)

Question 9: Moreover, with the enactment of the ________, the Sherman Anti-trust Act, the federal government began to assume an increasing role in regulating and directing the country's economy.
Interstate Commerce CommissionUnion Pacific RailroadCanadian Pacific RailwayCanadian National Railway

Question 10: ________
Objectivist movement
Social democracy
Classical liberalismLiberalismSocialismIsaiah Berlin

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