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Lafora disease: Quiz


Question 1: Currently the preferred method of certain diagnosis is ________.
Full genome sequencingDNA sequencingHuman Genome ProjectGenome project

Question 2: Although seizure and myoclonus can be controlled for a long period by using ________, patients rarely survive beyond one or two decades due to the devastating effects of dementia and ataxia.
DissociativeDepressantMood stabilizerAnticonvulsant

Question 3: Patients develop the first symptoms mainly during ________.
Developmental psychologyAdultAdolescencePuberty

Question 4: Diagnosis is based on the demonstration of Lafora bodies within the apocrine sweat gland of the skin by an axillary skin ________ examination.

Question 5: The inclusion bodies, which seem to contain high levels of ________, are typically labeled by a specific stain called PAS (Periodic acid-Schiff) which is resistant to diastase treatment.

Question 6: Major problems include seizures, drop attacks, myoclonus, ________, and, most significantly, a quickly developing, progressive and severe dementia.
AtaxiaRestless legs syndromeIntention tremorTremor


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