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Question 1: Ladakh sends one member (MP) to the lower house of the ________ the Lok Sabha.
Rajya SabhaMembers of the Rajya SabhaGovernment of IndiaParliament of India

Question 2: The ________, is another rare cat that preys on smaller herbivores in Ladakh.
Brown BearEurasian LynxTigerGolden Jackal

Question 3: The ________ in central Ladakh is especially a good habitat for this predator as it has abundant prey populations.
Hemis National ParkLehIndiaJammu and Kashmir

Question 4: There are about 200 ________ in Ladakh (of an estimated 7,000 worldwide).
LionSnow LeopardTigerPallas's Cat

Question 5: There are also a few ________ in the Suru valley and the area around Dras.
Gray WolfAmerican Black BearBrown BearCougar

Question 6:
What type is thing is Ladakh?
compact HII region, star forming region
Regional Medical Center

Question 7: Ladakh was, however defeated by the ________, who had already annexed Kashmir and Baltistan, but it retained its independence.
Mongol EmpirePala EmpireTimurid dynastyMughal Empire

Question 8: Oropolitics by Pakistan and cartographic aggression by the United States Defense Mapping Agency in 1957 was eventually followed by a race to occupy the heights of the Saltoro Ridge which borders the ________.
Tso moririSaltoro KangriLadakhSiachen Glacier

Question 9: Among smaller animals, marmots, ________, and several types of pika and vole are common [34].
HareBrush RabbitRabbitEuropean Rabbit

Question 10:
What state is Ladakh in?
Jammu and Kashmir


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