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Question 1: The process occurs in all female mammals, and in humans it is commonly referred to as ________ or nursing.
Coeliac diseaseAsthmaBreastfeedingInfant formula

Question 2: ________—contracts the smooth muscle of the uterus during and after birth, and during orgasm(s).

Question 3: In almost all mammals, lactation, or more correctly the suckling stimulus, induces a period of ________, usually by the suppression of ovulation, which serves to provide the optimal birth spacing for survival of the offspring.
InfertilityVulvovaginal healthReproductive system diseaseFemale infertility

Question 4: From the fourth month of pregnancy (the second and third trimesters), a woman's body produces hormones that stimulate the growth of the milk duct system in the ________:
RectumPenisBreastFemale ejaculation

Question 5: Lactation describes the secretion of milk from the ________, the process of providing that milk to the young, and the period of time that a mother lactates to feed her young.
Mammary glandBreastLactiferous ductNipple

Question 6: In some other mammals, the male may produce milk as the result of a ________ imbalance.
HormoneTestosteroneProgesteroneEndocrine system

Question 7: This stage requires prolactin (PRL) and ________.

Question 8: In only one ________ of mammal, the Dayak fruit bat, is milk production a normal male function.
LifeSpeciesBiological classificationEvolution

Question 9: Women who have never been ________ are sometimes able to induce enough lactation to breastfeed.
PregnancySexual intercoursePrenatal developmentReproductive medicine

Question 10: In most species milk comes out of the mother's nipples; however, the ________ (a non-placental mammal) releases milk through ducts in its abdomen.

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