Lachish: Quiz

Question 1: The town was first mentioned in the ________ as Lakisha-Lakiša (EA 287, 288, 328, 329, 335).
CanaanAmarna letters–localities and their rulersHabiruAmarna letters

Question 2: Also an original attempt of the only el Amarna letter found at site, ________, EA 333.
Amarna lettersCanaanHabiruAmarna letters–localities and their rulers

Question 3: In 701 BC, during the revolt of king Hezekiah against ________, it was captured by Sennacherib despite determined resistance (see Siege of Lachish).
BabyloniaSumerAssyriaAkkadian Empire

Question 4: 2151-9) than any other place in ________ (Jerusalem remains in second place with more than 300).
United StatesIsraelArmeniaGreece

Question 5: Under Rehoboam, Lachish became the second most important city of the ________.
Kingdom of Israel (united monarchy)Kingdom of JudahHasmoneanKingdom of Israel (Samaria)

Question 6: pottery, and items from pharaonic ________, and other Mediterranean, and inland regions.

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