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Lac repressor: Quiz


Question 1: The lac repressor is a DNA-binding protein which inhibits the expression of ________ coding for proteins involved in the metabolism of lactose in bacteria.

Question 2: This induced state is ________ and somewhat heritable: in cell division, each daughter cell will likely have enough inducer to bind and deactivate LacI.
EpigeneticsPost-transcriptional regulationTranscriptional regulationMolecular biology

Question 3: This blocks RNA polymerase from binding, and so prevents transcription of the ________ coding for the Lac proteins.
Non-coding RNAMorpholinoMessenger RNADNA

Question 4: (IPTG is an allolactose analog.) They were also able to isolate the portion of DNA bound by the protein by using the ________ deoxyribonuclease, which breaks down DNA.
Cofactor (biochemistry)Enzyme inhibitorAdenosine triphosphateEnzyme

Question 5: When lactose is present, allolactose binds to the lac repressor, causing an ________ change in its shape.
Enzyme inhibitorEnzymeProteinAllosteric regulation


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