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Labrador Retriever: Quiz


Question 1: Labradors can easily become ________, due to their enjoyment of treats, hearty appetites, and endearing behaviour towards people.
ObesityAbdominal obesityOverweightObesity hypoventilation syndrome

Question 2: The Labrador, once known as the Lesser Newfoundland, is the most popular breed of dog (by registered ownership) in the world, and is, by a large margin, the most popular breed by registration in ________, the United States (since 1991),[2] and the United Kingdom.
The BahamasBarbadosBelizeCanada

Question 3:
What is Labrador Retriever's nickname?
Desert Pirates

Question 4:
Where does Labrador Retriever come from?
Canada E3B 1B1
Originated Canada;
Origin India, developed in England
Upper Canada

Question 5: The first ________ (AKC) registration was in 1917.
Working Group (dogs)DogConformation showAmerican Kennel Club

Question 6: [27] Labs often enjoy retrieving a ball endlessly and other forms of activity (such as agility, frisbee, or ________).
Lure coursingSheepdog trialConformation showFlyball

Question 7: Eye problems are also possible in some Labs, particularly progressive retinal atrophy, ________,[41] corneal dystrophy[38] and retinal dysplasia.
KeratoconusGlaucomaDiabetic retinopathyCataract

Question 8: Most popular dog by ownership in USA (since 1991),[49][50] UK,[51] ________,[52] New Zealand[53] Canada,[54] and Israel.
AustraliaUnited KingdomJamaicaBarbados

Question 9: A degree of crossbreeding with Flatcoat or ________ was also documented in the early 20th century, prior to recognition.
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverAmerican Cocker SpanielIrish SetterLabrador Retriever

Question 10: The assistance dog organization Mira utilises Labrador-________ crosses ("Labernese") with success.
Border CollieGreater Swiss Mountain DogGerman Shepherd DogBernese Mountain Dog

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