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Question 1: After the outbreak of the ________, the LSI and the International Federation of Trade Unions launched an 'Aid for Spain' campaign.
Spanish Civil WarSpanish Civil War, 1936Francisco FrancoPOUM

Question 2: The LSI was founded at a congress in ________ in May 1923 through the merger of the Berne International and the Vienna International.

Question 3: [10] The LSI/IFTU relief efforts were channelled from the ________ and UGT.
United Left (Spain)Spanish Socialist Workers' PartyPeople's Party (Spain)Basque Nationalist Party

Question 4: On February 19, 1933 the LSI Bureau issued a call for joint action of the SPD and the ________ against Hitler.
Nazi PartyIndependent Social Democratic Party of GermanyCommunist Party OppositionCommunist Party of Germany

Question 5: The Labour and Socialist International (German: Sozialistische Arbeiter-Internationale, SAI) was an international organization of ________ and labour parties, active between 1923 and 1940.
Socialist stateSocialismKarl MarxMarxism

Question 6: The LSI was a fore-runner of the present-day ________.
MarxismCyprusLabour PartySocialist International

Question 7: [5] The ________ was the dominant party within the LSI.
Social Democratic Party of GermanyNazi PartyCentre Party (Germany)German People's Party

Question 8: LSI had a history of rivalry with the ________ (Comintern), with whom it competed over the hegemony of the socialist and labour movement in Europe.
Left communismCommunismMarxismComintern

Question 9: For example, the participation of the British ________ in the communist-sponsored League against Imperialism caused a controversy within LSI, and the ILP was asked to break its ties with the League.
Social Democratic FederationBritish Socialist PartyLabour Party (UK)Independent Labour Party

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